Zack Defreitas

Mar 18, 2023

It is with heavy hearts we are sharing with you the passing of our great friend and colleague, Zack Defreitas.

Zack was a valuable and loved member of our Jr. Blues family for almost 5 years, and his dedication to our organization and hockey will continue to inspire all of the Springfield hockey community.
Zack came to the Jr. Blues in September of 2018 and breathed new life into the team’s communications with his humor, wit and love for the game and the players. His knowledge of the sport and skill, set a new standard for our organization that we will forever embrace.
In his second year with the team he began sharing his unique brand of broadcasting for road games and was going to begin broadcasting full time for the 2022-23 season. His natural delivery of the game connected fans to the team and game in a way only he could do.
Zack’s organic style of communication for hockey was a true talent that was fostered through playing the game as a youth in Springfield and as a junior player. He had the complete hockey experience through playing, writing, broadcasting, managing and being an ambassador in all of his work.
The Jr. Blues are so very thankful for all that Zack gifted us. We will miss his presence in the room but we will carry him with us in all that we do.