The Jr. Blues are entering into our 25th year in the North American Hockey League and the 6th year under FERZOW LLC ownership. Over the course of our first several years we have increased our attendance, made improvements to both our sound system and box seating, and developed new strategies to drive our fan base to local businesses. Going into our 6th year we looking to improve the fan experience through more thoughtful fun promotions, new menu options in our concessions and more interactive experiences with our players.

This provides sponsors and partners a unique opportunity to reach a segment of the market that only the Jr. Blues can provide. With exclusive advertising and sponsorship rights at the only ice rink in the Capitol City Area, sponsors enjoy year around exposure to all ice related events, sports and recreational activities in Springfield and the Capitol Area. .

For sales and inquires, please contact us at:

phone: (217) 525-2589, email: info@jrblues.com

The opportunites to partner with the Jr. Blues are not limited to the offerings list below. We are prepared to work with a variety of budgets and needs, and we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can work together.


Rink Signage
All rink signage remains posted and present during all activities that take place in the Nelson Center including ice shows, youth games, college games, adult games and a variety of other events.
Dasher Board
  • 32″ x 96″ ad on dasher boards
  • 2 different levels of placement available
Wall Banner
  • 4′ x 8′ banner mounted to the wall above stands
Ice Logo
  • Your logo in the ice
  • 3 diferent levels of placement available
Rink Wrap
  • 6″ – 8″ sticker facing rink interior along the bottom of glass
  • Sold in pairs of glass sections (aproximately 8′)
Player Sponsorship
Jersey Patches
  • Your logo patch on the jersey of every Jr. Blues player
  • Size based on shape and logo of sponsor
  • Logo patch on pants
Helmet Decals
  • Your logo on the helmet of every Jr. Blues player
Game Warm-Up Jerseys
  • Screen printed jersey worn during the pregame warm-up
Practice Jerseys
  • Screen printed jersey worn during each practice
Tryout Jerseys
  • Jersyes worn during tryouts
  • Over 150 players each year tryout for the Jr. Blues
  • Jerseys kept by players to further reach
  • Banner ad linking to your website
  • Multiple sizes and placements available
Ticket Back
  • Name printed on back of tickets
Pocket Schedules
  • Sold in panels
  • Over 10k Distributed in various locations around Springfield IL
Game Mentions
  • 7 to 10 second prerecorded voice spots played at breaks in play
Lineup Card
  • Free giveaway at all home games featuring your logo
Magnet Schedule
  • 2 spots avaiable for each run
  • Distributed at games free of charge
Promotion Opportunities
Game Night Sponsorhsip
  • Game named after your organization
  • Game promoted in print and radio
  • Right to distribute promotional items at game
  • Booth at game to further distribution and reach
Sponsorship Giveaways
  • Right to distribute promotional items at a game
  • Booth at game to further distribution and reach
Team Meet and Greet
  • Players and Coaches visit your location to sign autographs and to interact with your guests to help promote your event or business