Introducing the new

Springfield Jr. Blues Rewards Program!

The rewards program is a way for fans to earn points, which can be used on prizes, through attending games, interacting with the team, and interacting with the Springfield Jr. Blues through the mobile app! Prizes can include merchandise, discounts, and special opportunities for fans.

To earn points, you have to be registered either through Facebook or Email, which you can do on the opening screen of the app. Once registered, go under the “My Rewards” section on the main menu and choose Enter/Scan Code at the top of the screen. There you can either enter the text code, or scan a QR code that corresponds with the code to earn points.


For example: you can enter REWARDS to get your first 10 points! Or scan this code. It’s that simple!

To redeem a reward simply go under the rewards section and click the reward you want to redeem. Then, we’ll give you the code to enter, it will subtract the points from you account and we’ll give you your reward.

So make sure your registered so you can start earning those points!