Jr. Blues Hire Education Advisor

Jul 23, 2011

SPRINGFIELD – The Springfield Jr. Blues organization is proud to announce the appointment of Sharon Stidham as the team’s educational consultant for the 2011-2012 campaign.  The organization will offer educational and other life skills training for their players under the guidance of Ms. Stidham.  The goal of these programs is to enhance the players’ marketability and actively assist them in packaging themselves as attractive commodities to NCAA coaches, resulting in the maximum amount of post-secondary opportunities for each of the players.

“I am extremely happy that Sharon has decided to come on board as our educational consultant,” said Head Coach/GM, Ryan Hardy.  “She brings a tremendous passion for the club and a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help our young men reach their potential not only as hockey players, but as students, and, most importantly, as people.”

The organization recognizes an opportunity to reposition itself both within the NAHL and within the collegiate hockey community.  By augmenting the Jr. Blues program to focus on these young men as complete individuals, and actively assisting them in packaging themselves as attractive commodities to NCAA recruiters, the team will continue to attract players with tremendous long term potential, resulting in more opportunities for all the young men who come through the Springfield organization.

The services provided by Ms. Stidham include: academic advising and support, ACT/SAT preparation, interview preparation, college application process and enrollment advising, support during the academic year for courses taken, and weekly study halls reinforcing all lessons provided.

“I’m thrilled to be associated with the Springfield Jr. Blues, and with their efforts to build up these young men as they strive to be not only the best players junior hockey has to offer, but as top prospects into the best NCAA schools in the US,” said Stidham. “These young men have much to offer both on and off the ice, and this program will ensure that they can more effectively pursue their collegiate athletic dreams.”