From High to Low in 24 hours


            The first period was nothing like last night.  The Blues looked to be off and a bit flat in the first, perhaps taking their opponents too lightly after last night.  Neither team was able to score.  Tyler Rehm and John Mejia dropped the gloves late in the period, and Rehm got the best of the fisticuffs, and that made it all the worse for Mejia.  The Hitmen player threw one of his gloves over the glass on his way to the penalty box and picked up a ten minute misconduct penalty added to his five minute fighting penalty.  The Blues passing was off as was their shots, but you had to give credit to the Chicago Goalie.  Both Goalies played an excellent first period between the pipes.  After twenty minutes of play the score was 0 – 0.

The Blues continued to be off just enough to make it difficult for themselves.  The second period transpired much as it did during the first period.  Passes are off the mark, and the Blue and Gold just don’t look the same as they did last night.  Give credit to both Goalies though, they have both done an excellent job keeping the other team at bay.  The score after two periods hadn’t changed.  It was 0 – 0.  Give Chicago credit, they played much better tonight, at least through two periods.

The third period brought the team back to earth as Chicago scored once against Tyler Parks and then a second goal in an empty net.  The Blues got a reality check and were brought down to earth.  They learned tonight that you have to be ready to play every game, and you can’t take any team for granted.  That is an important lesson to learn with the playoffs just around the corner.

Tomorrow afternoon is game three at 2:30 pm and I think you’ll see a completely different game by the Blue and Gold.  Take the time to watch the Jr. Blues on the FASTHockey network.  It will be worth it!