Cathy’s Power Hour Coming to Springfield

Aug 7, 2012

The Springfield Jr. Blues are happy to announce that San Jose area power skating instructor Cathy Andrade will be coming to Springfield to work with the Jr. Blues.  With 29 years of coaching experience, the Canadian  Cathy Andrade (founder & head coach) has solidified a reputation as the West Coast’s premier power skating coach for all levels ranging from minor players, Junior players to NHL & Olympic stars. She was featured on  and in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL for training she did with NHL and Olympic player Joe Pavelski.

While Cathy is in Springfield, she has offered to run a power skating camp for the local youth programs. This camp will be held Monday-Wednesday night and is open to anyone. For more information on the camp you can email Cathy at or contact Assistant Coach Mike Janda who will be assisting Cathy in the camp at To learn more about Cathy, her teaching style and her clients you can visit her website at

"I met Cathy while we were working the same hockey school and was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise as well as her professionalism on the ice. I firmly believe that the foundation of any great hockey player begins with his or her ability to skate. For this reason, when I started my own school, one of my first priorities was to get Cathy on board and have her teach my athletes power skating. She has a complete understanding of the skating stride, is dedicated to her craft, and is the reason many of my athletes continue to come back."

– Rob Zettler, Former NHL Asst. Hockey Coach, San Jose Sharks. NHL Asst. Hockey Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs.