By The Numbers


Head Coach Tony Zasowski and FERZOW LLC have been operating the Jr. Blues since May 2012. During their tenure the Jr. Blues have had 4 draft camps with a tremendous amount of success here are the facts:

The Jr. Blues take great pride in developing their players to the next level be it NCAA or USHL.  Since December 2013, the Jr. Blues have put 10 players into the USHL along with 14 NCAA Division 1 commitments

Stefanos Lekkas- Vermont
Jason Dhooghe- Ohio State
Brendan Jacques-Northern Michigan
Will Scherer- Brown University
Max Kalter – UCONN
Les Lancaster- Mercyhurst
Josh Lammon- Mercyhurst
Mike Houle -Bowling Green
Sam Craggs- Bowling Green
Brady Tomlak-Air Force
Trevor Stone-Air Force
Teddy Rotenberger- Alabama-Huntsville
Tommy Nappier- Ohio State
Anthony Scarsella – Michigan State
Erich Fear – Denver
USHL Promotions
Patrick Curry- Tri-City / Bloomington
Kevin Shand- Cedar Rapids
Stefanos Lekkas- Sioux Falls
Mike Severson- Chicago
Max Kalter – Sioux City
Michael Mylchreest – Des Moines
Jason Dhooghe – Green Bay
Brian Rigali – Sioux City
Grant Meyer – Yongstown / Fargo
Danny Digrande – Muskegon

Tendered Nate Chasteen
Drafted 5 attendees
Jack Sloan- 2 year player and captain (Skidmore)
Tom Cooney- 1 year player (Arizona State)
Mike Severson- 2 year player (Chicago Steel)
Trevor Voelker and Andrew Sprouse played games
2 Free Agents played games for the Jr. Blues
Team Captain Mike Fazio (Wisco River-Falls)
Trevor Stone- 4 year player, Captain- Air Force Academy
Tendered 2 players
Will Scherer- 1 year player (Brown University Committ)
Garrett Elmore- 3 year NAHL veteran
Drafted 3 players from camps
2 Free Agents played games for the Jr. Blues
Kevin Shand- promoted to Cedar Rapids USHL mid season
Nik Dotolo- 1 year player (U of New England)
Tender Nikolai Pavlov
Drafted 3 attendees
Mike Behm played games this season for Jr. Blues and in NAHL
Brian Rigali – 1 year player- promoted to Sioux City USHL
7 Free Agents played games for Jr. Blues this season
TJ Friedmann – 1 year player
Brady Tomlak – 2 year player, Captain, and Air Force Academy
Tendered 2 players
Jeff Skinner – current player
Ryan Leibold – (2016-17)
3 Free Agents played games for Jr. Blues this season
Zach Balodis- current player
Brennan Blaszczak – current player and Top Prospects attendee
Justin Brandt – played games during season