2022 Jr. Blues Main Tryout Camp Gets Underway this Weekend

Jul 19, 2022

Springfield, Illinois – The Springfield Jr. Blues, proud members of the North American Hockey League (NAHL), are pleased to announce that our 2022 Main Tryout Camp is set to get underway this Thursday at The Nelson Center! Camp runs from Thursday morning through Sunday afternoon. 

Players that we have tendered and drafted for the upcoming 2022-23 NAHL season will join our returning players and dozens of hopeful prospects for a four-day experience that includes individual team practices and at least three games for each player. Head Coach Tyler Rennette and Assistant Coach Todd Pococke will be joined by members of our scouting staff to help decide on who will make our Training Camp Roster. 

Games on Friday and Saturday get started at 8 am and run throughout the day. Two cuts will be made on Saturday and our Main Camp All Star Game is scheduled for Sunday morning at 11:30 am. Further details will be provided on game times later in the week. 

All games will be open to the public and we encourage fans to join us for the taste of the 2022-23 season! 

Any questions from prospective players should be directed to either Coach Rennette or Pococke, and any questions from fans should be sent to info@jrblues.com. We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!