Gilly For Mayor

Gilly, the Springfield Jr. Blues mascot, began working on making Springfield a better place in 1986 when Illinois named the Bluegill it’s official state fish. Since then Gilly has been active in the community to raise awareness for animal rights and preserving the environment, as well as attending Jr. Blues home games at the Nelson Center.

Since October 2013, Gilly has served as the Springfield Jr. Blues mascot. While pumping up the crowd and taking pictures with fans is an important part of the job, Gilly has had a presence in the community through special guest appearances and supporting community events.


Get to know your candidate:

Favorite food: Pretty much anything (Bluegills eat whatever they can find)

Favorite Superhero: Aquaman

Dream Job: To be cast in the next Finding Nemo movie

Gilly Platform –
  1. “If you can play, you can play.” Gilly supports equal opportunity in the workplace and on the ice. Regardless of who you are or how old you are, if you can play you can play! (Equality)

  2. “Gilly Supports Local Schools.” Gilly knows a thing or two about schools and will support local teachers and students through our Classroom of the Game and A-Chievers programs. (Schools)

  3. “Making Entertainment Affordable” Don’t break the bank out on the town, check out the most exciting live entertainment in town with Gilly at a Jr. Blues game! (Affordability)

  4. “Growing Springfield.” We support growing the game both on and off the ice. Our student athletes are preparing for college and beyond while working with young players to spread the love of the game in the community. (Growth)